HC Insider Podcast – Powering Heavy Industry

Powering Heavy Industry

An excellent podcast by the HC Group, where their Managing Partner, Paul Chapman, and VoltVision’s Managing Director, Manoli Yannaghas, discuss the challenges heavy industry face in the drive to reach net zero and the importance of harnessing new technologies to deliver power efficiencies, such as VoltVision’s, as part of the overall solution.

“The reality is that the energy transition is going to involve a lot more mining and there is going to be more heavy industry rather than less… therefore the emphasis must be on efficiencies as a crucial part of the [net zero] solution going forwards… That’s why I wanted to have this conversation and do the podcast, because we haven’t yet really focused on efficiency in our 140 episodes, versus the big sweeping, quite glamorous changes and new technologies, on the journey to lowering our carbon footprints.” Paul Chapman


To listen to the podcast click here.


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