VoltVision’s solutions are delivered using V-CUBE, a ‘Plug and Play' IoT data extraction gateway, and ViViD, a cloud-based AI platform.

Whole HV/MV Power Network

Inaccessible HV/MV Power Data made accessible with V-CUBE

HV / MV Electrical Assets

Live access to COMTRADE files including Waveform and Harmonics

Client Historian
/ Data Lake

Data from V-CUBE can be sent direct to Client Historian/ Data Lake
Data from Client's Historian / Data Lake can be analysed and visualised through ViViD
Raw Power Data seamlessly and securely transmitted to the Cloud

Actionable Information

Transform & Analyse
Visualise and Recommend

Alert Controls

What is V-Cube?

V-CUBE is a Data Extraction Gateway

Internet of Things Gateway

Pre-programmed, secure IoT gateway connects to existing electrical protection equipment. Releases data 'trapped' in electrical equipment. Turns 'basic meters' into high resolution power analysers.


Can monitor a whole network or specific machines, old and new, from all manufacturers including GE, ABB, Schneider, Siemens etc.

Plug & Play

No shutdowns or VoltVision staff required. Instant connection to WiFi/4G for quick export to cloud and live access to full data display and analytics.

Capable of ingesting external sensor data (4-20mA/0-10V)

Industry standard communication protocols | Modbus, DNP3, IEC60870-5-104, IEC61850, JSON, MQTT

Tested to IEC 61850 standard. IEC 61000 4:2-6; 4:17-19; 60255-27 and CISPR 22 compliant

Dimensions: 80/150/220/290x85x140 mm  (LxWxH)

Extreme operating conditions -20 C˚ to + 65 C˚

4 GB eMMC Flash and 512 MB RAM

Din rail or surface mounted options

One way link between Industrial and Cloud. Eliminates risk of cyber breach into industrial network.

Tested to IEC 61850 standard. IEC 61000 4:2-6; 4:17-19; 60255-27 and CISPR 22 compliant

Quick and Easy to fit

'Plug & Play' means no site visits and the solution can be up and running within a matter of weeks. No sensors means no shutdowns during installation.

Compatible with harsh environments

The V-CUBE hardware is resilient and effective in harsh and submersible environments.

High Voltage Data

No sensors mean ours is the first commercial solution to extract high voltage data across multiple assets.

Legacy Compatible

A retrofit solution to digitise legacy assets on high voltage electrical systems.

Manufacturer Agnostic

Whether it's made by Siemens or ABB, we can extract the high voltage data from all your assets.





Ingests and processes large volumes of raw data at high speed.


Performs critical transformation of high resolution data into actionable information, which is useful to multiple operations teams.

100% Secure

Secure IoT technology means safe extraction and transportation to the Cloud. Our platform is managed by Microsoft Azure, which delivers many benefits directly to our clients - scalability, flexibility, reliability/resilience, high performance and strong data security.


Accessible anywhere in the world (with access to the internet), from any device at any time.


Easily integrated with existing software and fully customisable to suit your specific requirements.

Modular and Scalable

Our solution can monitor one piece of equipment, an entire electrical network for one site, or be scaled up to incorporate a company's entire portfolio.