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Revolutionising Power Management Across African Mines

Article Published in First Mining DRC-Zambia Jan-Feb 2024



The mining sector is growing rapidly across Africa. However, the industry is facing complex power issues due to an under-developed domestic infrastructure, insecure supply chains, volatile fuel pricing and the transition to renewable power sources. These issues not only disrupt operations but also negatively impact on productivity, operational efficiency, costs and emissions.

We are helpingmining companies navigate power challenges, improve efficiencies, reduce power costs by up to 15% and reduce power consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 10%, Manoli Yannaghas, Co-Founder and Managing Director VoltVision


Within this context, this article reviews VoltVision’s power management platform ViViD,looking at how it can help with:


Understanding and Preventing Trip Events 
  • Voltage Imbalance and Frequency Fluctuations
  • Sub-Optimal Protection Relay Settings
  • Harmonics
Managing Power Usage 
  • Power Factor
  • Reactive Power
  • Diesel Generators
  • Billing Verification
  • Maximum Demand
  • Process Analysis
  • Integration and Optimisation of Renewable Energy on Site
Managing Power Blackouts 
Automated Reporting 
Multiple Operations Team Support
Centralised Monitoring 


“The ViViD dashboards are carefully tailored to cater to a diverse audience within any mining organisation, including senior management, site managers, electrical and process engineers and maintenance professionals. What sets this approach apart is the commitment to simplicity over complexity. Instead of inundating clients with an array of dashboards, the focus is on delivering a select few, intuitively designed interfaces tailored to specific technical user requirements.”  Malcolm Evans, Co-Founder and Technical Director VoltVision


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