Energy & Mines Australia – The Quiet Decarbonisation Revolution

This year the Energy and Mines agenda was focused on the mining decarbonisation transition, with a top lineup of speakers covering everything from current and future technologies, such as electrification of fleet and carbon capture, to emissions reporting for compliance and planning your roadmap to NetZero.

While many of the discussions were focused on these new and emerging technologies, VoltVision’s Managing Director Manoli Yannaghas steered the discussion towards ‘The Quite Decarbonisation Revolution’, the quick wins you can make now in your road map to NetZero.

“In any roadmap there are the big, exciting wins… technologies like large scale battery storage, carbon capture and even some aspects of hydrogen are technologies that, I would say are still being developed and could be described as being in their infancy. While exciting, there are no guarantees these will make it to commercial viability so deployment is risky.

Next there are the large scale technologies that are ready to go now. These offer big wins and often look the most appealing. There is no doubt that integration of solar, wind or hydrogen power can take large bite-size chunks out of your emissions profile but these often require a lot of investment, planning, integration and change management. They are certainly not quick wins!

Then there are the less exciting efficiency solutions that can be achieved almost immediately. These are the technologies like VoltVision’s, that are already out there in the market delivering quick results, quick payback and have proven track records, unlike a shiny new solar park they are mainly focused on more of the same, in other words focusing on improving existing operations. What these solutions generally have in common is that they require low/no CAPEX for implementation and can save you money and reduce emissions very quickly.” Manoli Yannaghas, Managing Director VoltVision

To listen to Manoli’s presentation in full please see video below:


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