VV Power

Continuous monitoring and power usage optimisation

A real time monitoring solution that delivers 100% power performance transparency across HV/MV networks. Benefits include up to 10% reduction in static power and emissions.

Improves Power Quality

Reducing power costs by improving network and equipment power quality.

Increases Power Control

Reducing costs through rigorous controls of power usage.

Reduces CO2 Emissions

Identifies direct pathways to reduce Scope 1 & 2 CO2 emissions.

VV Power

Through the V-CUBE, VV Power can access over 2000 live datapoints.

Through the V-CUBE, VV Power can access over 2000 live datapoints. This raw electrical data can reveal how power is performing/being consumed over both a whole network or a single machine.

We can collect basic volts/amps through to full harmonics and waveform (COMTRADE). Our data reveals quick pathways to improving power quality and efficiency.

VV Power

Identifies efficiencies by making low-cost power management improvements

Poor power quality, incorrectly sized and unsynchronised equipment and voltage misalignment are commonplace and can result in unnecessary power usage.

VoltVision can quickly help to identify efficiencies by making low-cost power management improvements across an operating high-voltage network, significantly reducing power usage and CO2 emissions.

VV Power delivers packages tailored to our client’s specific requirements, enabling us to deliver cost effective solutions including:

VV Asset

Remote monitoring and digital asset management

Condition and performance monitoring of critical electrical assets, including early detection and alerts to warn of developing faults. It maximises asset performance and extends maintenance cycles, improving productivity, reducing downtime and increasing assets’ lifetimes.

Condition Maintenance

Advanced warning of changes in asset performance and developing faults, reducing downtime.

Maximizing Asset Performance

Provides information that allows for profitability/revenue increase regardless of age, whilst maximising the lifetime of all assets.

Maintenance Planning

Combining on demand maintenance with traditional practices, such as change management, configuration backup/restoring and extending maintenance cycles according to asset utilisation.

VV Asset

We detect 98% of faults before they occur.

VoltVision’s electrical and data science teams have developed cutting edge algorithms that can monitor and identify changes in performance across multiple asset classes. Early warning of developing faults improves maintenance efficiency, reduces downtime and increases asset lifetime.

VV Asset

VV Asset packages are tailored to your specific requirements, enabling us to deliver cost effective solutions including: 

VV Net Zero

Decarbonisation and ESG Compliance

Accurate, time stamped, power consumption and emissions data. Provides compliance with multiple ESG reporting standards; the development and maintenance of a Science Based Target initiative (SBTi) program; auditable investor and regulatory reporting capability. 

Baseline Existing Operations

Defines accurate power consumption and CO2 emission numbers.


Provides basis for setting and managing a Science Based Target initiative (SBTi) program.


Multi framework compliant ESG and auditable public market reporting capability.

VV Net Zero

Time stamped data

Our time stamped data means clients can accurately report reductions in power consumption and CO2 emissions. Covering Scope 1 and 2, this automated reporting mechanism is essential for shareholder and regulatory market compliance.