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Modern Mining recently interviewed our Managing Director Manoli Yannaghas to discuss our recently opened global power analytics centre in Johannesburg, and VoltVision’s growing capabilities and services being offered to African mining companies. To read the article in full click here.


VoltVision’s technology helps African mines unlock value from big power data

By Nelendhre Moodley

Technology to produce big data abounds, but what worth is loads of data if it cannot deliver opportunities for efficiency and improved productivity, asks technology specialist,
VoltVision, which is on a mission to help African mines unlock value from big data. Manoli Yannaghas has spent most of his career working in and around Africa, and the African mining sector is the first vertical market VoltVision is targeting, after which it is looking to expand into other parts of the world and other heavy industry sectors.

“Some problems, associated with the accessibility and reliability of power, are relatively consistent across Africa. For mines to operate successfully, the sector requires massive amounts of power and in many cases has been tied to the use of fossil fuels. The mining industry is now working to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels, while continuing to balance the underlying lack of power security and profit, and this, I believe, presents VoltVision with an ideal opportunity to help the continent unlock its potential,”  Manoli Yannaghas

Yannaghas’ two-pronged strategy targets the mining majors first and then the rest of the market, which includes mid-tier and junior miners. Given that mining giants such as Anglo American, Barrick Gold and Rio Tinto have already invested heavily in their own data science teams and cloud platforms, their interest in VoltVision’s intelligent cloud platform, ViViD, is minimal. However they do need raw HV and MV high-resolution data, which they are struggling to access.

“This is because of the requirement for central monitoring of all their assets, and to get the raw data they need untethered data that can be accessed off-site, which is hard to get. I see VoltVision’s V-CUBE, an IoT data extraction Gateway, as a key enabler to help mining majors access this data for use on their own platforms. Our end-to-end product combines access to raw data with our ViViD cloud platform and targets the rest of the market. The solution combines data extraction plus the visualisation, alerting and analysis . It gives companies the ability to see how the power side of their operations is being run across all parts of the business, thereby maximising efficiency and addressing the key issues of profitability and sustainability.” Manoli Yannaghas


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